As the male skincare and grooming industry rapidly grows, men are more willing to share their tips and tricks and admit that their dope appearance doesn't happen by accident. 

Here at Trippy Skin, we love sharing what dudes are saying about their self care. We have complied a list of the top three grooming tips. 

1. Find your signature scent.

Its no secret that smelling good is probably one the most pleasant things not only for yourself, but also the people around you. If you are in your 30's or older, you have probably already experimented with scents and found what you like. Buts always nice to change it up. Remember, day and night events require a different scent.

 James Dean

2. Become a regular at your barbershop.

There is nothing better than a fresh fade and beard trim. Its so important to visit your barber for a touch up at a maximum of two weeks apart. If you can go weekly, thats even better. I know that even about a week after a fresh fade, I am looking no where near as fresh. Get the sides cut mate.


3. Scrub your face.

I don't need to carry on about the importance of a good AM and PM skincare routine, but if you don't have an arsenal of products at your disposal, please make sure you are cleansing with a face wash, using an exfoliating face scrub at least twice a week and moisturise daily. If you want to have an luxe experience, check out our Selfcare Sesh.

What are your top tips for looking fresh? Let us know in the comments.